Thrive Spectrum Community Support

Disability Support Coordination (Australia Wide)

Setting up your service provider arrangements for your NDIS plan requirements. For example, Sourcing Support Workers, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, Disability Equipment Suppliers, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Psychiatrists, Frozen Meals service, Home Maintenance seevices, Cleaning services.

* NDIS Self-Managed + Plan Managed Participants.

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Disability Support Worker
(in Ipswich)

* NDIS Self-Managed + Plan Managed Participants

Face-to-Face Support

For example:
Driving you to Community outings, appointments, the supermarket, Art/Music/Social classes Household Assistance e.g. washing up, emptying bins, house cleanup, food preparation, light gardening, bringing in the post.

Non-Face-to-Face Support

Filling in forms and sending them on your behalf to your GP / Medical Government Agency / Disability Support Coordinator.

Doing “Loop Runs” for you. E.g. Picking up your groceries from the super market, Returning + Picking out new library books for you, Visiting a place to see if the service will meet your needs e.g. Art Classes, Disability access into a building.

Researching possible home visiting service providers that may meet your disability needs e.g. Home Visiting Nurses, Physiotherapy, Frozen Pre-cooked meals, Disability supplies stores.