Support Coordination

We can provide you Support Coordination if:

  • your Plan specifically lists Support Coordination and that your Plan states the following NDIS Management level: Plan Managed or Self Managed (if you are seeking to put in a request to NDIS to change from “Self Managed” to “Plan Managed with a Support Coordination service” to assist you).

If Support Coordination is listed as included in your NDIS/Aged care plan, there is no cost to you to use a Support Coordinator as this is funded within your Plan.

Your Support Coordinator could work on your behalf to do a variety of undertakings (depending on what your Plan lists):

  • Organise support workers if you’ve been approved for support workers.
  • Arrange the paperwork arrangements for you to see your approved Allied Health services at no cost, funded under your plan. e.g. Podiatry, Psychology, Dietician, Physiotheraphy, Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy.
  • Organise a home delivering frozen meal service (if you were approved for one).
  • Organise home maintenance/cleaner/gardening (if you were approved under your plan for this assistance).
  • Coordinate with your Plan Payment Managing service to ensure the invoices generated by your Allied Health services, support workers and specialised equipment services are paid from your Plan funding, without you having to forward their invoices or deal with payments.
  • Arrange for Functional Assessment Reports be created by an Occupational Therapist if you require them for Assistive Technology equipment e.g. Mobility scooters, Motorised Wheelchairs, Sit-to-stand lounge chairs, Hospital style beds, Bathroom modifications, etc.
  • Ensure service agreements and service bookings are completed.
  • Organise NDIS review requests.
  • Share information between your providers (with your consent).

How to ask for Support Coordination funding to be added to your NDIS Plan if you don’t already have it:

To get funding for Support Coordination, the NDIA must consider that it is reasonable and necessary that you receive this type of support. You will need to explain why you believe that you need Support Coordination to your Local Area Coordinator for your city in writing/email. Here are some examples:

  • You’ve received a 1st NDIS Plan and setting up all the arrangements are too difficult for you from a technology or cognitive perspective. 
  • Its too difficult or beyond your capabilities. 
  • You have multiple members of your family on the NDIS. 
  • You have limited or no support network. 
  • You have no family support nor a NDIS representative for yourself.
  • You are new to the NDIS and don’t know where to start
  • You have substantial funding and need help to access supports.
  • You are going through a challenging time in your life.
  • English is not your first language. 
  • You experience other cultural barriers.
  • Your requesting to transition from Self-Managed to Plan-Managed as managing all the funding and paperwork requirements involved you are finding too difficult.

Please note – although we don’t presently provide support to participants whom meet the following points below, we can refer you to to other support coordination services more tailored to these specialty needs:

  • NDIA managed
  • presently involved in a Behavioural Management Plan or Restrictive practices
  • needing to be moved to Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • requiring Specialist level Support Coordination
  • listed as Psycho-social