Support Workers

Support Workers:

  • Domestic Assistance – household tasks, light gardening.
  • Personal care – showering, dressing, brushing teeth.
  • Social support – communication, games, socialising.
  • Shopping assistance – driving you to and from the shops, aiding you with wheeliewalkers/wheelchairs, fetching/reaching items you can’t reach in the store.
  • Therapy support – helping you do exercises set by Physio’s, Occupational Therapists, Physiologists, Podiatrists.
  • Transport – driving you to outings, appointments.
  • Staying Active – exercising with you.
  • Computer assistance – helping you type up emails and research websites of interest.
  • Forms – helping you fill in forms and deal with post.
  • Holiday assistance – support workers might attend a holiday with you to aid you with any of the above whilst on holiday.

Separate to support workers, should you require the following, we can organise these as well:

  • Home visiting nurses / wound care specialist nurses
  • Home maintenance / gardening services
  • Domestic cleaning services
  • Home visiting Allied health services e.g. Physiotherapists, Physiologists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Podiatrists.
  • Remote technology Psychology – e.g. via Zoom or other video technology